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Islands in the Atlantic

Many people think of the Atlantic Ocean as cold, rough and windy. In fact it ranges from the Arctic to the Antarctic with a wide variation in climatic conditions. The gulf stream provides warmer seas for Britain, Ireland and their outlying islands than you would expect from such northerly latitudes - semi-tropical plants survive on the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands. To the North, Iceland has relatively little ice but plenty of volcanic action and scenery to match. Greenland is an Arctic community. Bermuda and Madeira are themselves semi-tropical.

The Atlantic is also linked with the mythical island of Atlantis. According to A. Hyatt Verrill: 'History and fable alike are filled with famous islands. Probably the most famous island of fable was Atlantis, and yet there is a great question if Atlantis was fabulous, for many scientists believe that there was such a mid-Atlantic island and if that is so it will account for many puzzling things regarding the races and the fauna of Europe and America which they have never been able to explain. But we do not press this point ...'

Meanwhile read about islands that do exist in the Atlantic ocean:








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