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Antigua Directions

Antigua Directions (edition 1)

by Adam Vaitilingam
  If all you want to do is crash out on a beach for a week or two, you’ll find Antigua hard to beat. The island is dotted with superb patches of sand - look out for Dickenson Bay in the northwest, Half Moon Bay in the east and Rendezvous Beach in the south - and, while the nightlife is generally pretty quiet, there are plenty of great places to eat and drink. But however lazy you’re feeling, it’s worth making the effort to get out and see some of the country. The superbly restored naval dockyard and the crumbling forts around English Harbour and Shirley Heights are as impressive as any historic site in the West Indies, and there are lots of other little nuggets to explore, including the capital, St John’s, with its tiny museum and colourful quayside, and the old sugar estate at Betty’s Hope. And, if you’re prepared to do a bit of walking, you’ll find some superb hikes that will take you out to completely deserted parts of the island.
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Hawksbill Beach, Antigua

Hawksbill Beach, Antigua

Antigua is the largest island in the independent state of Antigua and Barbuda which, with uninhabited Redonda, are part of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. It is located about 40 miles north of Guadeloupe, 27 miles north-east of Montserrat and 40 miles east of Nevis.

Antigua is oval in shape and has a land area of 108 sq miles (280 sg km). The south and south-west is volcanic in origin and mountainous; the north and north-east are of coral formation; the central part is flat. Tourist literature claims that the island has 365 beaches - one for each day of the year. Whether or not this is true, Antigua certainly offers an extensive choice of sandy beaches.

There are also some fine natural harbours, including St John's Harbour in the north-west and the historic English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour in the south. The current population of Antigua and Barbuda is about 67,000, mostly of African descent. More than a third of Antiguans live in St Johns, the capital.

Antigua enjoys a tropical climate and is generally hot and sunny all year round. There are cooling trade winds between the middle of December and mid-April when rainfall is also low. Heat and humidity increase from April to October, with a risk of hurricanes, especially in September.

Top Caribbean Resorts

In November 2007, Minister of Tourism The Hon. Harold Lovell commended Curtain Bluff for being named The Caribbean's Number 1 Resort, during the Condé Nast Travelers' 20th Annual Readers' Choice Awards. Over 28,000 travelers contributed their votes to the Awards.

Curtain Bluff is located on the Southern side of Antigua. As well as being named number 1 in Top Caribbean Resorts, it also also ranked number 38 in the Top 100 Best in The World with a rating of 94.4 from readers of the Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Jumby Bay and Galley Bay were also included in the list of Top 25 Caribbean Resorts published in the Magazine's November issue, ranking number 12 and number 15 respectively.

Harold Lovell said: "The Ministry of Tourism is pleased that these Antiguan Resorts are being held in such high regard by travelers. So much so, that they were able to receive a place amongst the Top 25 resorts in the Caribbean and even the World.

"We acknowledge the Management and Staff of these resorts that have excelled through their outstanding programmes and services. We encourage them to continue to maintain their high standards and hope that they will set the standard for the rest of the industry, with more resorts and hotels striving to meet this mark."

Frommer's Caribbean 2008

Frommer's Caribbean 2008

by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince
  Completely updated every year (unlike most of the competition), Frommer's Caribbean features gorgeous color photos of the stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and colorful coral gardens that await you. There are dozens of islands and hundreds of accommodations to choose from, so our guide compares all the options, helping you find the tropical getaway that's right for you. We've included web addresses for every hotel, so you can check out pictures as you make your decision. Inside you'll find in-depth, honest reviews of lavish honeymoon resorts, intimate inns, family-friendly motels and condo complexes, and more, with selections in every price category.
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Fodor's Caribbean 2008

Fodor's Caribbean 2008

Comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to use, Fodor’s Caribbean 2008 remains the best resource for organizing your trip to these rich and varied islands. Our 2008 edition also flaunts exclusive, new features including indispensable, customized tools for planning a tropical vacation, in addition to rich photography that illustrates the distinctive culture of each island. Plus, not only will you read the expert advice of our professional travel writers, but you’ll also review recommendations from everyday travelers like yourself, in our new 'Word of Mouth' features throughout the book. Fodor's Caribbean 2008 is designed so that you spend less time researching and more time relishing what lies ahead on your dream vacation. More information and prices from: - US dollars - Canadian dollars - British pounds - Euros - Euros


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