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Santo Domingo Airport Rejuvenated

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In August 2012, just over two years after the first proposal was made to the Airport Commission, President Leonel Fernandez announced the unveiling of the $24.9 million renovations to Las Americas International Airport (AILA) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The latest remodel made the Dominican Republicís largest airport into its most modern as well.

The modifications include the north terminal, lobby, taxiway, runway, some offices, and also additional parking. These improvements aimed to optimize space, manage passenger flow, accommodate higher traffic, and make the airport easier to navigate. In a country where tourism is so important to the economy, these renovations have made the airport more welcoming and user-friendly to the 3.4 million passengers that touch down there each year. Tourists are particularly affected at the immigration area and the refurbished passenger screening zone.

The Dominican Republic Department of Tourism is confident that these renovations find that tourists choose the country as their next Caribbean destination. Aside from the ease of access provided by the airport, the Dominican Republic is home to a number of attractions located within the vicinity of Las Americas. Another overhaul includes the expansion of the expressway leading to and from the airport, directing visitors to the heart of Santo Domingo, where some of the islandís top lodgings and historical landmarks are located.

Travelers find it convenient that several hotels are located directly adjacent to the airport. They include:

  • Quality Hotel Real Aeropuerto Santo Domingo - Km 22 1/2 Autopista Las Americas, Santo Domingo. Phone: 866-599-6674.
  • Don Juan Beach Resort - Boca Chica Beach, Santo Domingo. Phone: 809-687-9157.
  • Hotel Zapata -- 27 Abraham Nunez, Boca Chica. Phone: 809-523-4777.
  • Calypso Beach Hotel - Calle Caracol, Boca Chica. Phone: 809-523-4666.
  • Hotel Oasis Hamaca - Calle Duarte esquina Caracol, 1, Boca Chica. Phone: 866-599-6674.

While in Santo Domingo, many vacationers visit attractions that emphasize it as the oldest continually inhabited city in the New World. Some of Santo Domingoís top historic attractions include:

  • Fortaleza Ozama - Built in 1502, the fort is the oldest military structure in the New World. It overlooks Rio Ozama and features the Torre del Homenje (Tower of Homage).
  • Alcazar de Colon - Once the home of Christopher Columbusís son Diego, this museum is decorated with relics from the early 16h century.
  • Cord House - This historic home, built by a crewmate of Christopher Columbus is the oldest stone structure in the Americas.
  • Museo de la Familia Dominicana - This museum is a historic home that offers guests a glimpse into how a well-to-do family lived in the Dominican Republic during the 19th century.
  • El Faro a Colon - El Faro a Colon is a lighthouse in which many people believe houses the remains of Christopher Columbus.

A tour of the oldest city in the New World is an experience never forgotten. With the latest upgrades at Las Americas International Airport, it's easier than ever to travel to the Dominican Republic; there is no reason not to make the trip.

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