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The Caribbean has a multiplicity of islands, large and small, as well as some worthwhile destinations on the American continent. But how do you visit a selection of them when you have a limited budget and only a week or two to spare from your annual leave? The answer for many is a Caribbean Cruise.

Cruise liners have become a common sight on the Caribbean sea. You can choose from a wide variety of providers and select the ideal length of trip, class of cabin accommodation and start and finish locations to meet your individual needs.

Many people choose to begin their cruise from the USA - making the most of hub airports in Florida, Texas or even New York. These are particularly convenient for vacationers from North America. People taking holidays from Europe may prefer to cross the Atlantic by flying into an island destination such as Barbados or St Lucia and joining a cruise there. Naturally this gives scope to combine, say, a week's cruise with a week in a beachside hotel in one of the islands.

Mixing the cruise with onshore actiities has become common. In 2011/12, for example, Royal Caribbean provides shore excursion options to enhance their Southern Caribbean cruise, such as relaxing on the 150-acre, eco-friendly Carambola Resort at St. Croix on "Carambola Beach Break," or enjoying Aruba's countryside from a four-seat 4x4 as guests make their way to De Palm Island for lunch, swimming and snorkelling on "Jeep Off-Road Adventure." To get the blood pumping, guests can take on "Antigua Canopy & Challenge," a unique eco-tour with 21 unforgettable journey-elements through the islandís lush rainforest.

So do your research before you book a cruise. Think about getting to your start and finish locations. Think about the islands you really want to see. Look at the costs o different arrangements and make the most of the wide choice available..

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