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Kayaking Around New York City

New York Hudson River

New York - Hudson River, photograph by Laslovarga

Have you ever thought about taking a kayak trip around Manhattan? Or cruising up the Hudson River? Kayaking in New York is commonly seen on the waterfront, along with the ferries, barges, and boats. With a majestic skyline for a view, kayaking in the City is easily accomplished with a beginning class or guided tour. With cheap flights to New York and cheap hotels, a sports-oriented stay in Manhattan does not have to be costly and offers a truly unique trip to a fascinating city.

Changing currents and tides are just one of the challenges to be found here. Waters in the East River and Hudson have two high and low times, at which time water changes direction. Fortunately, the New York Kayak Company on Pier 40, at the Hudson River Park, teaches beginning classes, manages a kayaking club and takes more advanced kayakers on guided tours by certified instructors. They also sell sea kayaks for those who already have experience in the sport. The Manhattan Kayak Company, at Pier 66, is another outfitter in New York City and offers beginning lessons and advanced guided tours. They offer a Fun in the Sun Tour for $35. Otherwise, lessons are the call, with the challenges of currents, wind, and traffic from boats.

Both of the kayaking companies offer beginning stand UP paddle boarding, or SUP lessons. With just a board and paddle, one can view the fabulous Manhattan skyline while getting a full body workout.

Kayaking in Manhattan is a wonderful exercise in team building, and both outfitters offer tours for business and companies seeking the challenges of working independently and collaboratively. Adjusting to changing conditions, alternatives, endurance, and balance are just some of the exercises taught to kayakers that apply to the business environment and are taught on the water. Amid the natural elements, cooperation and interdependence are learned.

If your budget does not allow for buying a kayak or lessons, there is the volunteer organization, Downtown Boathouse, or DTBH, which offers free kayaking. They will set you up with a kayak, paddle, and life jacket and have you out on the water in a sit-on-top kayak. Assigned to a designated area, the paddlers are keenly watched by a group of volunteers. Free kayaking is offered by DTBH in the summer only.

Begin your plans now for a wonderful kayak experience in Manhattan with a trip to the New York islands.

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