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Exploring Downtown USA

Downtown San Francisco

If you are considering touring the USA at some point in your life then you may be thinking of booking a room in a swanky five star hotel, but you might miss out on some of the inner city delights by doing so.

There are so many popular destinations throughout the USA that have been iconic movie settings which have drawn in millions of tourists worldwide, San Francisco (SF) is one such place. Known as ‘the City by the Bay’, SF is filled with cultural delights and many famous landmarks and also the landscape of the city is very unique. The winding roads and steep roads are a trademark of the city as are the busy trams. To get a feel for all of this you really need accommodation close to the city center in downtown SF, it is there where you will find the likes of the Museum of Modern Art and home of the SF Giants AT&T Park.

There is nothing worse than visiting a big city and having to spend much of your cash on travel just to get to various hot spots and tourist attractions. The location of accommodation used to play a big part on the price of your overall holiday package, but today there are plenty of ways to get around that.

New York (NY) is perhaps top of everyone wish list when thinking of where to visit in the USA because it offers a little bit of everything. Famous movie settings, world class shopping, sports, Broadway and a much famed none stop way of life. If you are heading to NY then you do have plenty of luxury options when it comes to hotels, but surely you want to be in the heart of the city in downtown NY. The pulse of the city in Lower Manhattan is home to the likes of the NY Stock Exchange, Brooklyn Bridge, Liberty Island and the site of the World Trade Center.

While the options may be endless whichever city you choose to enjoy an American adventure you can relax knowing that each place offers a unique experience, so no matter where you go you’ll be leaving with a suitcase full of memories.

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