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Cretan Bay

Family holidays take a little planning to be successful. They have to suit your family circumstances: parents needs as well as the kids and so much depends on their ages and interests. In many ways younger children are much easier to satisfy than moody, temperamental teenagers. And, of course, the budget and the timing - many will be constrained by school holidays and pushed into the busier, and therefore most expensive times of the year. What are the options?

Budget no problem

Lucky you. If you have just received an executive bonus or, at least, have a healthy bank balance and a large limit on your credit card the choice is endless. The world, as they say, is your oyster and the decisions you have to make involve whether or not to take on long haul flights or the perils of exotic destinations such as travel insurance, innoculations (before you get there), malaria treatment and gallons of sunscreen. How about choosing from the huge range of Caribbean Cruises that are available? Or settle for one island like fabulous Antigua with a beach for every day of the year.

Budget a problem

You will need to look closer to home and consider cheaper modes of travel (such as packages or driving) and accommodation (family hotels, B&Bs, camping or caravaning). If you can stretch to a Mediterranean holiday, the Balearic islands of Mallorca (Majorca) and Menorca (Minorca) offer great weather and some fine beaches to keep younger kids happy.


The great holiday discovery of the 21st century - stay at home, or at least stay in your own country. This has become increasingly popular as budgets are squeezed, pay frozen and fuel and petrol bills soar. Check through the British Isles for some ideas.

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