Self Catering Tips

In recent years, self-catering accommodation has become a real alternative to traditional forms of holiday accommodation. The idea revolves around renting a holiday home for the duration of your stay. Typical holiday homes include villas and cottages that are situated in a wide array of locations from popular tourist busy regions to rural gems. If you are considering self-catering accommodation for your next holiday, here is a handy guide informing you of what to check and pay attention to.

Included Vs. Not Included

You may come across a suitable holiday home privately using web boards or via travel agents. When researching and comparing your top choices, take the time to note down the items that are available in the property, from Internet connectivity to entertainment devices. If anything that you deem necessary for your complete satisfaction is missing you can try and negotiate their availability with the owners, bring them yourself (if small enough) or look for another option.

Checking in and Checking out Times

Before departing on your way, check the precise times you should arrive. Owners often use the time between guests to clean and maintain the home so naturally arriving early may cause a great inconvenience.

Your Health While Away From Home

If you traveling within the EU, bring your NHS EHIC card. Short for 'European Health Insurance Card', the EHIC is free of charge to UK residents and makes getting adequate level of medical care within the EU easier just in case you require medical care during your holiday. The EHIC is valid for a certain period of time and you can apply for a new one up to six months before the expiry date.

Driving On Holiday

The nature of self-catering means that you make your own plans and your own way to and between locations. If you decide to drive to your destination, be sure to ask your car insurance company for your green card certificate. The card is recognized throughout most of Europe and equals to the national Motor Insurance Certificates of the countries you will be visiting. You can ask your car insurance company to provide you with a Green Card.

Using the Pool

In warn countries, holiday properties often include a private pool. Safety gets heightened attention in particular for parties that include little ones.

  • Before using the pool for the first time, walk the grounds around the pool area to note any safety concerns you might have
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of buoyancy aids
  • When little ones use the pool or an area next to the pool, be sure they are supervised by an adult
  • If a child is ever missing within the property's perimeter, check the pool area first
  • Adults are also encouraged to share the pool;s use with each other using a buddy system so someone is always aware of another person using the pool

Paying For Items

Holiday properties often include an on-site kitchen making it possible and indeed necessary to prepare food for your party. It also means that holidaymakers often depend on cash to purchase groceries and money availability becomes a real concern. If like most people you tend to carry limited cash and depend on your credit cards for holiday money, make sure to notify your credit card or bank prior to the holiday. Otherwise, such overseas transactions that are out side your normal spending behaviour may cause your card issuer to temporarily block your cards making it hard to fund your holiday.

Travel Contents Insurance

Nowadays a great number of holidaymakers are well aware of the benefits that travel insurance has and few would dare go overseas without. However, when it comes to self-catering holiday you also require a policy to cover possible damage to the property. Accidental it may be, however damage to a luxury villa or cottage is your responsibility to amend and it can cost quite a bit. Check with your travel insurers that your insurance policy covers content as well as health. Otherwise, consider getting such cover.

Enjoy your holiday.

Guest post by Affair Travel Ltd of London UK. Affair Travel (formerly Croatian Affair) is ABTA and ATOL protected.