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Mediterranean View - Crete

A holiday abroad gives many people a break away from lounging around their living rooms to find themselves doing the same but in a hotter climate. The impetus in on us to pull our finger out and make holidays more of an adventure. If you are thinking of heading to one of the scenic resorts around the Mediterranean, for example, then why not go with the intention of exploring the stunning landscape.

You don't need to book a full blooded adventure holiday in order to enjoy some great views and work up a sweat, just hire a bicycle. Normally when you get to most resorts around the coast of Spain, Greece and Turkey you will find a plethora of places renting out quad bikes and mopeds, but for the cost you are better of hiring a bicycle instead. The benefits include not missing various quaint cafes or viewpoints because you're travelling at 50mph, plus you're much less of a nuisance to the locals.

The terrain within the Mediterranean tends to be very hilly and, as you're likely to head off the beaten track, you'll need a durable bicycle. You may want to keep an eye out for Cube bikes as they tend be very well made for cross country type biking. This would make them just as ideal if you were holidaying a little closer to home too. Biking through the great British countryside is a popular choice for many holidaymakers over summer as the UK has some of the most challenging terrain. However, that option is perhaps best for the more keen biking enthusiasts.

Of course there are many who prefer to enjoy the delightful scenery from the comfort of their sun lounger, but it is nice to know that there are alternative options available. A biking holiday allows you to get a bit of exercise along with enjoy the natural delights and it extends the reaches of mild days of exploration, but do remember to take a bottle of water!

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