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Mao Harbour

Menorca's Top Holiday Activities

If you're thinking about taking a holiday to the Mediterranean island of Menorca this year, then there are several engaging activities that promise to keep you and your family happy. From swimming, golfing and basketball to beach soccer, surfing, scuba diving and mountain hiking, there's so much to keep you entertained in Menorca that it's hard to know where to start! The local Balearic communities, just like the Spanish themselves, are known to be jovial with the Menorca's fiesta celebrations, forming an integral part of their culture. There are also various sporting centers for kids throughout the island that aim to assist visiting children, and also locals, to develop sports skills at a young age. Don't take our word for it though - take a look for yourself!

Scuba Diving

The North coast of Menorca has a great section of marine parks, offering pristine warm waters that are ideal for scuba diving. Not only do the parks have qualified scuba divers to aid beginners in mastering scuba techniques, but the waters are rich in marine life, and the spectacular flora and fauna form the perfect scene for scuba divers. Furthermore, you will also get to experience an up-close encounter with some of the most dangerous sea creatures in the planet, most notably sharks! Colorful fish species are also common in these waters, so if you've got an underwater camera, be sure to bring it along!

Horse Riding

Horse riding is emerging as a popular tourist activity in Menorca, with many riding clubs registered throughout the island. Exploring Menorca on horseback gives you a chance to experience the island's countryside in a more sophisticated way, and pony trekking, as this activity is commonly known, is the perfect activity if you're holidaying with your family. Definitely one for the equestrian families out there, who should consult Cheapflights for their 2014 flights. The spectacular woodlands and rural lifestyle of the local Balearic communities provide picturesque views that are a must see for anyone visiting Menorca, and you can even get discounts at the horse riding attractions if you book online before you arrive.

Boat Trips

If you are looking for a unique way of experiencing Menorca this year, then taking a boat trip around the infamous Mao Harbour is an activity you shouldn't miss out on. This historic port offers a variety of attractive marine views that if combined with the classic cruises used in most boat expeditions, form some of the indispensable activities for couples holidaying here.


Cycling around the winding terrain of Menorca is another highly rated activity, that not only keeps you busy, but also ensures that you remain fit and healthy. Cycling can be undertaken all year round on the quiet island roads, with mountain biking emerging as major cycling event in this Spanish Island. The beautiful landscape and marvelous plants and animals found along the cycling paths also form some spectacular views as you enjoy your holiday in Menorca.

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