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Top Highlights of New Zealand

The British summer is usually quite short with a distinct lack of sunshine, however that doesn't mean that we have to all be as dull as the weather!

This year, New Zealand looks set to be one of the most popular holidaying destinations in the world, so if you're thinking about experiencing the stunning landscapes, amazing climate and beautiful shorelines, then get down your nearest travel agents now!

Even if you're travelling with your family, there's more than enough to keep your kids occupied in New Zealand. Let's take a look at some of the best highlights to come this year.

Wellington Botanic Gardens

Wellington is a tourist hotspot, and that means there are lots of attractions to sink your teeth into here. One of the most exciting places to visit is the Wellington Botanic Gardens - an effortless and stunning structure home to native forestry, plans, rare flowers and even a butterfly sanctuary. Spread out over 25 hectares, the Wellington Botanic Gardens is a must-visit attraction if you ever find yourself in the city, and as it's subsidised by the local council, the gardens are cheap to get in to as well!

The Museum of Technology and Transport

New Zealand has a vast transport infrastructure, and how it came to be there is a great story in itself. The East Coast Museum of Technology & Transport provides you with everything you need to know about transport across the country, and from its analogue beginnings to the digital present, you'll learn so much in just a few hours here! With a variety of exhibitions to see, and many more presentations about how New Zealand has contributed to the technological future of the world, this museum will blow your mind!

The Glowworm Caves

These caves are a magnet for tourists, and located in Waitomo, this glowworm exhibition is a must visit stop if you're ever in New Zealand. The proper name for a glowworm is Arachnocampa luminosa, and the species is unique to the soil of New Zealand. As an expert takes you around the caves on your tour, you'll be able to see some of the brightest glowworms in the country, and if you've got a steady hand you might even be able to hold one!

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